Quality Design Handmade Wood Gifts

toothpick holder, multiple wood/300-4aI’ve worked as an Occupational Therapist for 25 years and have a passion for my work. Helping my patients to reach a healthier life style is incredibly gratifying. To do that, I absolutely must maintain a very high standard of care for my patients who depend on me.
Thirteen years ago, I started a business making rehabilitation equipment made out of various types of wood. One of the tools I purchased was the wood lathe. I discovered a new tool that I enjoyed using to create bowls, candle holders, and various other types of wooden items! I taught myself how to turn pens and from there, learned how to turn many products that you see on this web site.

After many years of turning wood for my own enjoyment (and for my family and friends!),  I decided to share my creations with others. As an Occupational Therapist, I learned the importance of detail, dedication and commitment. I also learned to enjoy the art of using my creative skills to develop a beautiful item from a simple block of wood.

My focus, unlike other similar products made by other companies, is to use multiple exotic woods to create items that are functional with good ergonomics in order to optimize them for use and minimize fatigue. While I enjoy creating a very unique item, whether a pen, wine bottle stopper, or perfume atomizer, I realize that everyone is gifted with there own style and taste. If you do not see something that catches your eye, or if you have a particular style in mind, simply contact me. We can design something together that will be completely unique and will hold great value to you.

Similar to my work as a therapist, I must also maintain a very high standard of work in making my products. I have a great passion for my product line and I guarantee that I will provide only the highest quality items with the best possible service. I guarantee 100% satisfaction! That is my promise to you!

Randy Madison, MOTR/L